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социокультурный аспект — знакомство с предметами, которые изучают британские сверстники, с распорядком дня и мероприятиями вшколе; с правилами написания письма зарубежному другу; осознание своей культуры через контекст культуры англоязычных стран;

развивающий аспект — развитие внимания, зрительной и слуховой памяти, способности к анализу, сравнению, развитие умения использовать в качестве опоры для высказывания речевой образец, работать с англо-русским словарём: находить значение многозначных слов, пользоваться лингвострановедческим справочником, осуществлять словообразовательный анализ, информационный поиск, в том числе с помощью компьютерных средств;

воспитательный аспект — формирование потребности и способности понимать образ жизни и поведение зарубежных сверстников, воспитание стремления к активному участию в жизни класса, школы;

учебный аспект — формирование лексических навыков говорения;

Слайд 1Schools of Great Britain
Слайд 2In the UK there is a huge variety of schools. Common types of schools in the UK are : B oarding schools, in which students both study and live at the school. State Schools, parents do not pay. They are financed by public funds, which means that the money comes from the national and local taxes. Private schools, parents pay for their children to attend these schools. They are known as Independent Schools Types of schools:
Слайд 3Classification of schools according to the age of the students: School full cycle - where children of all ages from 3 to 18 years. Preschool education - for children from 2 to 7 years. Junior School - for children from 7 to 13 years. Primary schools - students from the age of 4 to 11 years. Senior Schools - for teenagers from 13 to 18 years. Secondary school - education for children aged 11 years. School University preparation for older adolescents 16-18 years .

Слайд 5Classification of schools by sex of students: Mixed schools, where jointly learn both boys and girls. School for girls, where learn girls only. School for boys, where learn boys only.
Слайд 6The beginning and the end of lessons: Lessons usually last for 40 minutes, which are about 8 lessons per day. Children start in the morning 8.30 - 9.15am and finish at 15.15 - 16.00. In different schools in different ways.
Слайд 7. School subjects: In private boarding schools in England teach the subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, anatomy, human biology, sociology, political science, law, statistics, history, music, art, computers and programming, English language, English literature, and religion. Also teach one or more foreign languages (French, German, Spanish and others) in Addition to the core subjects in every school in England there are more, such as Latin, fundamentals of business, Economics and others.
Слайд 8School uniform:
Слайд 9School uniforms were first introduced in England by Henry VIII and were called “bluecoats” because of blue jackets. Then the popularity of uniforms increased and most schools had them. The uniform was different according to age, gender and even season (winter and summer uniforms).
Слайд 10Girls wear classic jackets, which are worn the shirt in a small cage, with medium length skirt knee and white stockings, complements the overall image of the school uniform takes. The boys go to the blazers, which wears a white shirt with set collar necessarily tie in stripes. The pants close all the same classics. The school logo is usually embroidered on the left breast of the jacket or attached icon turned on his collar.
Слайд 11Rating system: GCSE is assessed on an eight-grade scale: A*A-B-C-D-E-F-G, A* is the highest score, and G is the cheapest. A*- excellent В - very good S- satisfactory D- poor E- very poor F- horror G- disgusting
Слайд 12Sport Sport is important in English schools. It’s especially popular at private schools which have a long tradition of sport. Nearly all schools have had a sport team from the post World War II period. The most important sport games are: football, basketball, cricket, hockey, tennis, gymnastics. Some schools have special sport uniforms.
Слайд 13Penalties: School punishment comes in the form of verbal condemnation. The different types: Admonitions, reprimand, offer to stand in desks, boards, call for suggestions on the pedagogical Council, the reprimand in the order of the Director, Detention a nd Do lines. It is not recommended to punish students work. The most common punishment is the master's comment.

Слайд 15Одежда учителей: Одежда учителей английских школ в некотором роде совпадает с одеждой русских учителей: строгий пиджак, блузка, юбка/штаны (классические), туфли/ботинки. Clothing teachers: Clothing of teachers of English schools in some way coincide with the clothes of Russian teachers: simple jacket, blouse, skirt/pants (classic), shoes/boots.
Слайд 16The most famous British public schools are Eton, Harrow,Winchester and westminster etc .

Слайд 18General description Westminster School is one of the school in the UK. It was founded in 1179. Westminster School is the only co-education boarding school in London.
Слайд 19Westminster School is proud of its brilliant sports traditions and achievements. Examination results at A-Level and Cambridge Pre-u one of the highest in the UK
Слайд 20Among the famous graduates are poet Ben Johnson, the philosopher John Locke, the head of parliament building construction Benjamen Hall and so on.

Слайд 241.When was Westminster school founded? A. 1232 B.1179 C.1194 2.what type of school is Westminster school? A. school for boys b. school for girls c. co-education school. 3.MIXED SCHOOLS ARE FOR: A. BOYS B.GIRLS. C. BOYS AND GIRLS 4.What is the most important game? A.chess b.football. C.rugby
Слайд 255.Who was first introduced a school uniform in england ? A.prince william. B. Henry V c. Henry VIII 6. how many types of school are in great britain ? A.3 b.5 c.2 7.WHO STUDIED AT WESTMINSTER SCHOOL? A. Ben Johnson B.ELTON JOHN C. Adele   Laurie 8.are private schools free? a. yes b.no

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