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Автор презентации: Рангулова Ландыш Талгатовна

Презентация знакомит с городом и его достопримечательностями, которые иллюстрированы цветными фотографиями и кратко описаны. Данная презентация полезна в качестве примера работы по теме "Мой родной край", а также для внеклассного урока по данной теме. Презентация в форме экскурсии. В начале дается краткая информация по городу. Экскурсия начинается со статуи перед входом в город. В перезентации использованы исторические данные и факты, описания объектов, а также немного информации из легенд. Презентация будет интересной для учащихся общеобразовательной школы (5-9 классы) и для старших классов, а также и для студентов колледжей, училищь и вузов.

Слайд 1Osa, Perm Krai Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you to Osa.
Слайд 2Osa is a town in Perm Krai, Russia, located on the left bank of the Kama River near its confluence with the Tulva, 146 kilometers (91 mi) southwest of Perm. Population: 23,452 Osa
Слайд 3We start from the statue at the entrance to the city
Слайд 4Now we are coming to the House of Culture. There you can see the fountain in the square across the street. It is the meeting point of loving couples. Also there are monuments for lovers who married: one is in the form of the heart and a bridge.
Слайд 5Near the House of Culture you can see the sculptural composition “Cult Osinski” which is made by sculptor Ivan Strojev. It symbolize the main trade of Osa district in a form of the mat bag. This mat bag is guarded by wasp, the symbol of the town, and bear, the symbol of the krai. Nowadays the mat bag means the prosperity and wellbeing. That’s why if you look into the mat bag at least for a minute you can hope for good luck and success.
Слайд 6We have just turned right and continue our tour to the old part of the town. In front of you can see the Trinity cathedral. It strikes with its size, strong basis of its walls and splendid stony pattern.
Слайд 7In a moment you will see the Administration of the town and the square where is located the memorial for the Great Patriotic War.
Слайд 8From here you can see the memorial for Pugachev. The very chic look opens just from this place.
Слайд 9You can visit the museum of nature. There are 140 sorts of plants and 140 kinds of animals reproduced as herbariums, models, photos and slides. Also there is the museum of regional studies.
Слайд 10We are now making our tour way to the second famous church, temple of the Kazan icon of the Mother of Go it was build in 1882 by effort of Aleksey Osipov, the merchant of the second guild.
Слайд 11We are going along the Soviet Street. Now at the end of the street you can see ferry quay. Our tour has finished. And now we are going to the canteen where you can have a meal. I hope very much that you have enjoyed this tour of Osa. Thank you good bye.
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