Презентация по английскому языку Theme of the lesson: ''Job description '' the 9th grad

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Автор презентации: Бактигереева Жанар Мендихановна

Theme of the lesson: ''Job description '' the 9th gradе

                                                             Level:  9

The theme of the lesson


Job description  


 to enlarge students’ knowledge on the theme, to enrich students’ new vocabulary. To develop students’ speaking, reading and retelling skills; to develop students’ interest in research works.  to interest in learning English.


Reading, speaking, writing and listening in English Language Teaching.

Teaching results

pupils will be able to: To speak about jobs, description of jobs, wages, payment 

Main ideas

Live and learn


Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity


2 minutes

Greeting. Make up a dialogue. Divide the class into three groups

Students will divide into two groups: 1.2.3


5 minutes

Brainstorming:  Answer these questions. What do you already know about jobs? Working in groups.

Work in groups pupils discuss questions .  Talk about what you know. Get together with a group of students to talk about what you already know about jobs Here are some questions to help you get started:

pictures, computer

3 minutes

 Pronunciation. Phonetic drill exercises

Students will pronounce all the new words after the teacher.

Blackboard,  Students book, copybook


 Presentation of a new theme:


        Students will  discuss their tasks

Students book, copybook





Students will read the topic: 

Students book, copybook


5 minutes




Cards information from the internet 

10 minutes

  Work in groups:   1. Why do people have to work?
2. What are the most dangerous jobs?
3. What kinds of jobs do you enjoy most?

Students will  discuss  the text





5 minute

   Writing: Vocabulary work 

Students will   Match the words with their definition

Student’s book.


A minute.

Assessment. The teacher will give marks to the students for their activity at the lesson.

Two stars, one wish.

Students will say their wishes to each other. Evaluation of students by their activities at the lesson.

Home work: to read,

Слайд 1    (a journalist) Warm-up. Guessing game You don’t walk. You don’t talk to the people in your cabin. You are in the air?  What job is it ? ( a pilot ) You teach pupils, students your job is difficult. You have a long holiday?    What job is it ? (a teacher ) You interview people. You write articles for newspaper. What job is it?  
Слайд 2j ob [d3ob] - жұмыс description [ d’iskripS ә n]- сипаттама р ayment [‘ peim ә nt ]- төлем satisfaction [‘s э tis’f э kS ә n]- қанағаттану responsibility [ res’ponsi’biliti ] - жауапкершілік, міндет
Слайд 3Theme of the lesson : " Job description "
Слайд 4a doctor a tacher Group work
Слайд 5Reading and writing: Ex: 2, p.263 Name What does she/he want to be? What does she/he have to study Omar _______ _______ He wants to be an international journalist. _______________________________________________________________________ He has to study __________________________________________
Слайд 6Essay: My dream …….
Слайд 7Let’s have a rest…
Слайд 8Discussion Ex: 5 p. 84 Categories The job you like most Name the job you like least Jobs a lawyer a teacher Reasons Why? Why? Job satisfaction Interesting Interesting but difficult payment High low Working hours From 6 to 8 hours You work 24 hours at home; plan, check notes, books
Слайд 9Reflection

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